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RE: Tesla And Bitcoin: Taking It A Step Further

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Powerwalls are already very expensive, the added cost of GPUs and other stuff needed to mine crypto would make the perioded needed to recoup your money even longer and you would also need a big and cheap solar array so that you have lots of cheap electricity for mining. I like the idea but I think we are at least 5 years to early for it in terms of prices. I mean electricity is not that expensive in most places that are not remote ( for domestic users of course )


Most are already selling electricity back to the utility grids. So they electricity if already there to mine.

And the GPUs would only add a couple thousand to the price; something that could be recouped in likely the first year.

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with installation a power wall will set you back about $12.000, add at least $1000 for GPU and software and for that money I would rather get some solar panels and a cheaper battery system. For a normal household where I live the electricity bill is around $50 so it's hard to justify that sort of price without even considering the solar panels