You are the product - get paid for it. Not Losing Fiat in Crypto Because You Get Paid in Crypto

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How To Never Lose Any Fiat In Crypto -

The post above was by @cfclosers that inspired me to think more about his approach. Cfclosers wrote about not needing an investment to get started in crypto - you can just join a community and earn from your contributions. That is what I have done here, and am growing every day I can manage a decent article.

I have already learned I am not good at trading crypto, but with I was. I don't have alot of time or tolerance for day trading, or chart reading. I wish I could read and understand charts like the Chart Guys I watch on YouTube. They make it all seem so easy but trading isn't for me.

You are always the product

I am working hard to earn my place here in LEO and am being rewarded for being the product. I put out an article and if others value it, give me an upvote. Pretty Straight forward.

There are other times, where you don't know you are the product. But if you are not paying for a service, than the service is using you as the product. Typical social media, search, websites, credit cards, all you use as their product.

They compile your data, track your web traffic, track your locations, track what and where you buy. They then sell or use this data for marketing. Marketing sounds innocent at first, but it should be called Bombarding you with Ads.

Turning the Tables - One Product at a time.



There are several social media sites you can earn from like, Publish0x and others. I prefer the HIVE blockchain as mine but its really LEO FINANCE, but there are plenty of others. I know some like to post across all platforms to widen audience and revenue streams. For now I am exclusive here as I try to get established.



I am trying to move away from centralized search where they know everything about me. I wrote an article here about why I am moving towards PreSearch, A decentralized search engine that allows you to earn PRE tokens for your normal daily use. You can also use the PRE tokens to buy the Advertising.



I use the BRAVE browser as much as I can. Sure there are few times I still use Chrome and feed the evil beast, but I am probably about 75% in Brave. I have earned a fair amount of BRAVE tokens over the past few years. Even after explaining it took the price pump got me to finally get my Uphold wallet going, I have managed to combine all of my 210+ tokens. That is over $200 I earned by being the product and agreeing to watch ads.



I have recently been trying to move more of my video watching to ODYSEE. REF LINK - feel free to just type ODYSEE run on the LBRY blockchain, and after a remake of the front end, and a rebranding effort they are growing fast.

I heard about this from a YouTube Creator who moving all historical content over, plus starting to make Odysee Exclusive content. They have a way you can earn a little each day just watching, but if you are a creator you should really consider it. According to creator, they make more money on Odysee for each video than on YouTube with about 10% of the subscribers. They 52k on YouTube and 6k on Odysee. Impressive if you ask me. This really drives home the tokenization shift we are moving towards. Each vote has value - and that value can set you apart and give you an income.



While I have not had much time to dig into THETA.TV (refferal link - feel free to ignore and type in THETA.TV. It looks similar but not quite the same as Odyssey. This appears to be more about streaming, and they signed a deal with World Poker Tour to stream Poker events 24/7. While this is the first outside Esports, I think they are trying to branch out and pick up other great content like all the Lions Gate Movies for Free? This really shows where the future is moving.

While not getting rich - these are all risk free to your fiat.

Use, earn, stack, stake, and take control back with getting paid for being the product. These companies make all the money selling the advertising, now you get paid to consume the content. This is a big shift and I think it means there will be MORE money for small content producers that get a following. No longer need big companies to buy your show or series. You can produce it and get paid by your viewers.

@cluelessinvestor - aka a random nobody on the internet spewing nonsense

This post NOT financial advise, it contains my personal opinion and experience and is intended for educational purposes. Perform your own research and analysis prior to making investment decisions.


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thanks for the mention. You make good points. For me, Leo has been the best but I have tried or currently use all the sites you talk about. Theta TV is hard to figure out.

Keep up your posting and commenting here. I started with 0 in december and have done quite well. I'm looking forward to project blank. That will be the best earner for me I think.

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Thanks - I only tag people when I want to give credit were credit is due. Your post had me thinking for the rest of that night as I put my notes together for a future post. Earning crypto from your efforts is a great way to remove that feeling of "loss" when it pumps or dumps. It was and may never become fiat, so stop thinking of it in terms of fiat.

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I have been using presearch as alternate search engine on bat browser too. its good to earn crypto while u work for fiat

Great name by the way - as I drink my first cup of the day.

Using these tools while doing the day job is a great way to stack up a few extra coins. I also just really like the idea of privacy, decentralized platforms that reward you for using them.

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