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RE: 3D Printed Homes: More Disruption Coming

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Honestly, we have not really had any major shifts in home building for a long time. The majority are still stick built homes, that do not appear to have the longevity of old homes. They are no longer an asset you can pass down 2 or 3 generations without significant renovations costs that typically exceed the value of new construction.

If new houses can be built faster, cheaper, and with better materials that extend the life expectancy while increasing their resiliency against mother nature, it can really help with cost, insurance, loss, etc. I think when we look back in 10-20 years we will be amazed at what we used to do.

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That is why it is ripe for disruption. For the last 100 years, things are still relatively similar. Not much has changed a great deal since that time. Sure some things were changed but the basic structure still uses age of building techniques.

We are about to see that change it appears.

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