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RE: Amazon Opening Up Grocery Stores With No Cashiers

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I think we talked early about this, but here it is much more explained and in accordance with what is up here it will be very important to closely follow what is proposed behind the scenes amazon with all this, usually when they make a movement it is because they contemplated 3 or 4 more variants in benefits that are not noticeable at first glance, hopefully in the best of cases there will be no collateral damage!

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There are always unintended consequences. That is unavoidable.

We are going to see some fallout from this. The most obvious being the elimination of jobs, especially entry level.

These are the types of jobs that teenagers often enter the workforce with and get some experience.

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Yes, and days ago we commented that this working class was already being whipped since 2008 so it seems that it has become hungry with the desire to eat! a recipe for disaster!

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