in LeoFinancelast year

I wouldn't have been new to this if i obeyed instructions some 2 months ago, but here i am, still trying to find my way around the hive blockchain.

Well guys, a new member just joined the community, and i'ld love it if you guys give me a heart warming welcome.
i'ld introduce myself and talk about a few things 'bout myself.
So lets get right into it.

My name is Chukwueloka, popularly known as the online trader
you might be wondering why i'm called the online trader...I'ld let you guys know, just stay with me.

i'm called the online trader because i am a profitable forex trader and mentor.
This is basically what my posts on this space will be butressed upon, THE ART OF TRADING
I will be giving you guys valuable contents about forex trading, my wins, my losses, my fears, what i do right and what i do wrong in the market, and this will start once i launch my series on "EVERYDAY ON MY CHART"

Everyday on my chart will be an all inclusive series on what i do before, during and after trading the forex market.
This is the part you do not want to miss; it will include a step by step guide on how you can overcome every fear or doubts you have had about the forex market, it will also give you an insight into the life of a typical forex trader too.

this series will show you that an individual can actually be very profitable in this market.

well, enough on the revelations, let me keep the rest for the launch date.

I am not just a Forex trader, I am also a medical student in one of the prestigious, most recognized and popular universities in my country.
i am a first class student, a mix of entrepreneurship and bookish, lol.

i am also a writer.
i basically write about life and the hurdles therein, how you can navigate through this dreary path of life and how you can keep going even when the odd is against you.

i would also love you to give me suggestions on how to navigate leofinace and the hive blockchain and also what and what to do so as to have more engaging posts , tell me in the comment section please.

watch out for this space.


The formating and boldness is on point.
You are highly welcomed to hive.