My COLD HBD Wallet Earning 20%

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Good day all, I was out hustling about, but this morning I came about a post from engrave.. well more of an update.

New Hive Ledger application feature - hash signing (blind signing)

The instructions where straight forward one thing though I had to try to connect to the desk top / a handful of times wouldn't register my device, figured it was me, Never used the damn nano till this morning when I saw your post. I got a hang of the system and button mechanics.

I also, got some good information from dibblers.dabs' post Experimenting with HiveLedger!

Read up on what and how to use as a COLD WALLET, Not going to rewrite it since it is already written with clear instructions.

Updating my Ledger NANO to get the ball rolling..


Here is the dashboard and I See Hive after togging the Developer mode (Must do to download 3rd party apps* wallet.)


Cold HBD wallet earning 20% without me intervening. Good stuff @engrave


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Such an interesting update. What a better way to secure ones hbd asset. Guesss it's time I get a hardware wallet

This is cool, will be great getting one!

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Since I am a beginner in cryptocurrency field, I find Ledger Nano a safe and cheap solution to store crypto and avoids hacking risks

That's good. Cold wallet is good. I hope we can use it to store Bitcoin,we are not ready to use.

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Wen Trezor?

That’s what I am saying.

They might even be working on that at the moment.

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That's pretty awesome. I don't use my hardware wallet as much as I should. I just feel like it would be a pain to carry back and forth with me to work all the time.

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I had a problem with my ether wallet in terms of storing the file to access the account with many deductions
But with ledger Nano, storing with wallet have become simple as it contains thousands of digital currencies with all ERC-20 tokens.

The ledger nano is great. I like to get one, still to decide if get nano or x. I want the one that can store lot of crypto !

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I have to look up some of the newer models as well. I picked up this one at a liquidator store.

Trezor next.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 106 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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This is really nice seeing such update

It sure is ! Hive is down but still we are growing and expanding.

This ledger nano is really cool and to have a cold wallet earn some % 😳 that’s killer.

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good to know. i will follow up this one.

I think everyone should have a cold wallet of some sorts sure we have the 3 day unstake for HBD but it’s not a cold wallet a hybrid of sorts.

It’s cool to have a device coming from QT wallets in crypto to these devices you can carry is high tech.

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Great, I did it as well for me!


Nice that’s great to hear. I was a fun project No I can send small amounts of HBD to storage .

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great stuff!! better than those warm wallets.

I'll have to look into that. After the LUNA fiasco I really need to get on with investigating and taking action on a cold wallet of some sort.

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It's nice to see cold wallets get supported and that it will also get HBD interest. So I will have to go back to this post whenever I do get a cold wallet.

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