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There is a community that very few know about, but it's owned and operated Marky, love him or hate him the dude builds sweet things on the Hive chain. I have seen him say the tokenomics are superior to other tribe tokens here and I am no one to debate him on this, dudes mad smart.

If you haven't guessed it yet.. I am talking about STEMGEEKS and STEM the coin, also the STEM Miners, for which I own a nice bag of ... darn it wish I'd picked up more.. what a fool.

2 years ago during the Summer of 2019 I purchased 2 STEMMINERS, I even made a shitpost on it.
Picked up some Stem Miners, getting my foot in the door.


Back when it was on STEEM*

Let the Tech shine! I am guessing a lot of Steemhunt posts will be showing up here. Thank you @themarkymark for this place. I was hoping I would be getting some drop but it's okay will be funding my own purse of Stem.

The comment above is a bit funny since, I was a part of the SteemHunt post qualifier admins* Turns out they love to steal tokens as well, side by side with STINC/STEEM.. anyways enough about that.

Today I stand at a nice amount of STEMMINERS earning bits and pieces of STEM.
(Marky has integrated STEM with APEMININGCLUB to allow to steal and boost pools, I have spent a nice chunk of STEM on that game.)


Stats above are from 4 days ago I mention this because the game burns the stem away which lowers the circulating supply. I was surprised at how much stem has been burnt so far.



I am sitting at a fair 500 of them staked and mining that soon to be scare STEM, for me. I was lucky enough to pick them up at 20 Hive each but when Hive was worth pennies not at today's price no way, Massive investment at today's values.

Are STEM Miners the most profitable on Hive-Engine?
Looks like the Hive Engine Tools site is down.. there is a Break-Even tool which would show you how long for you to break even. I don't know if it is no longer going to be active. Using the data that was provided "Aug 26, 2021" it shows that yes indeed these miners are the most profitable at that time, it's save to save still could be the case?

The miners where set to 30 Hive couple months back but since Hive was 3X since then the market is floating around 13-25 there are 2 chunks at 14, 17 for which look very cheap, considering the information above and from the data it's looking like it could be 2.5 year breakeven, this coin is a sleeping giant, but since STEM is not so talked about on Hive it's currently a handful of content creators, for which I gladly curate, but maybe we need more content go ahead grab your kids or even yourself and post some Science, Technology or even Math.


There are only 11,1190 STEM tokens created for the reward pool weekly*
STEMGeeks burn report - 130% burned this week - November 30th

After reading the STEM burn report's first couple sentence it was mentioned that the project is 2 years old.. Due to this, the weekly inflation has been reduced to 11,190 tokens* In the Hive chain it means there are less of the token to go around which means less and less of it might be sold on the market.. NFA.

Look at these numbers though..


  • Total 6,343,838.54
  • Circulating (44.01%) 2,791,911.54
  • Burn (55.99%) 3,551,927.00
  • Staking (80.14%) 2,237,438.39


  • Total 1,906,411.24
  • Circulating (0.31%) 5,973.04
  • Burn (99.69%) 1,900,438.19
  • Staking (97.00%) 5,793.97

Good Night.

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STEM seems to have a lot of their supply burned because of the 50% tax if you don't post from their front end. However I didn'tknow that the staking percentages were so high.

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Oh man your post are a trap... Now something else I gotta look into. Only reason is I think stem is a great name overall and people can gravitate towards this as mass adoption happens later. Not only that but discussions in these topics help us all advance as a society and helps educate the masses <3

I'll be adding to my utopis stake great content bro !PIZZA

After reading the explanations on tokenomics of Stem, I also invested in Stem, powered up, and delegated to Brofi. My initial investment is small. On the other hand, Stem token is on my radar.

STEM is a Hive gem! Great community with a lot of useful knowledge being shared on a daily basis.

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This community currently seem undervalued. The tokenomics looks great. Lots of potentials on this one. I should be grabbing more of this in the coming days. Thanks for info

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 83 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


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