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Do you own a business or deal with money in anyway? Have you been searching for a tool to keep financial records and analyse your financial data?
Did you know that Microsoft Excel can be used to perform basic arithmetic calcuations and analyse data with ease?

Most business fail when there is no proper book keeping records. In time past, we use manual methods like writing calculations and keeping records in books. This method sometimes dont work and doesn' save time.

In this short video, I introduce you to some basic Excel funtions used in performing basic arithmetic functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Using these functions, will help save time, keep your records neatly and on the long run help improve your financial skills.

Also, Microsoft Excel is an important data analytical tool.

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Hey, @chosenfingers, I do know how to use Microsoft Excel for arithmetic purposes but I was really looking forward to seeing the way you do yours. I was hoping you have figured out a way to do it better and save more time, but the video isn't playing 😭😭😭

I am so sorry @iskafan and @kenechukwu97 for the video error. I have posted this video since last year October.
I was surprised to see the automatic re-upload, I guess it's a technical error

Here is the link to the original video guys:

Thanks for your comments. Much love😍

Oh my! No worries. Thanks for the clarification.

Mannnn.... I couldn't get to the root of this because of a kick/bug probably from 3speak.


Nonetheless, I find this to be an interesting topic.

I learned MS Excel more than a decade ago and I learned this stuff, but I didn't have a laptop years after learning. Haha. Everything left me.

I got to use Excel recently and I use YouTube videos to refresh my mind about some stuff there. It's been a good learning experience.

I will have to check this link back