Technology Outpacing Responsibility

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Hey Jesscientists

This post is a bit of a jumbled mess, I probably don’t have the words to articulate it correctly but here goes.

The technological revolution or digital revolution is well underway, and we see huge progress in the field of AI, machine learning, IoT, bioengineering, space travel and more. Many of the things we can achieve today, from curing diseases to travelling across the world, would be I thinkable a few decades ago.

We’ve essentially continued to acquire almost godlike powers when compared to our ancestors. What took them ages to do can now be archived with a simple tablet in your water, a flick of a switch, or a swipe on a screen.

Humans ability to adapt also makes these achievements seem trivial with time. Oh, that’s normal to ping someone in China with your smartphone, and they’ll send you goods to your door on the other side of the world.

Video calling used to be futuristic technology, and now we have video surgery happening with the help of 5G and technology. It’s actually scary to think about how quickly things develop.

Even scarier is how quickly we accept things as the norm.


With great power comes great responsibility

I think we all need uncle Ben in our lives, the way we’re going and the power we can wield these days. If we look at how social media had given people the ability to rally, like in the unrest we saw in Lebanon, the Arab spring movement, the Capitol Hill riots.

We have the technology to create mass change and movement but do we stop and think should we do it instead of yes, we can do it. Technology has given us powerful tools and given it to as many people as possible, and it's only going to keep expanding. The cheaper technology becomes, the more people will have access to these tools.

But every tool humans create is another person's potential weapon that can harm others. Just because we CAN do something doesn't mean we should do it.

Never waste a good crisis

If we look at how this pandemic has shaken up society's fabric, we see governments wanting to do mass surveillance; we see the idea of chinas social credit score coming to other countries. We hear calls for travel restrictions based on a prick in your arm and tracking those who do and those who don't.

The idea that it's for the greater good is, to me, not enough of a reason to constantly track people. Just because we have the technology doesn't mean we HAVE to use it.

Technology and money have no moral compass; they are just tools; in fact, they are scapegoats and amplifiers for human behaviour. So I've been thinking, is it time we as a society discuss what their technology line is?

  • Should technology be governed by ethics?
  • or should we allow it to expand and see where the chips may fall?

Got Tethics?

Do we need tethics?

Tethics or tech-ethics is a meme from silicon valley; if you haven't seen the episode, I highly encourage you to do so; the way they meme tech bros are too good. Anyway, the competitive nature of tech and this pandora's box we've opened up of light-speed innovation has as creating things so quickly without thinking of the consequences.

It reminds me of the stories of the cold war, while 2 parties are racing to build the most powerful weapon. Here it's countless businesses racing to create the best tool. Those tools are then combined by a 3rd party, and we create better tools, and it just snowballs as things do in a free market of ideas and resources.

I am a big proponent of technology and how it improves our lives, but a lot of this has got me thinking about why we need all these improvements? Am I just becoming an "old head"?

Do we need to take a breathe and think about what are we creating and why are we creating? It feels like the race to create and innovate can't take into consideration the scope of influence.

That's why we're living in a world where 2 guys manage the worlds entire social media sphere, and then we wonder why its a shit show.

Governance parasite

I hate to say this, it may be even throw up in my mouth a little, but perhaps technology needs a governance system, like the kind we've attempted in the blockchain sector. Governance is like the antithesis of innovation; it's slow, it's resource-intensive, but it also brings in different view points.

It allows stakeholders to affect how a tool is used and allows the group to impose their tethics on what is produced.

Perhaps it's time we have a counterbalancing force in the tech space, to take a beat, to stop and consider what we're creating and working towards.

Do we create tools for prosperity or tools for your enslavement?

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Thank you very much for the exchange ,have a good day and a great mood

Technology has really improved alot,we don't need human beings to work on our farms ,or offices since there are robots who can make the work easier for us,I dont think technology requires a governance system.

How in your opinion would AI decide what to do though? I mean would they do things that benefit us or benefit themsleves or benefit the world as a whole or weight up the 3 abs make the best compromise?

Personally, I wouldn't want someone to make AI that advanced. I'd prefer that human beings create machines with simple functions. If you wanna deal with the annoyances of a failsafe (stop if an object is in front of you, for example), go for it. If you don't, tell people to be careful because it won't stop for anything. If a machine is starting to make judgement calls (self-driving cars, for example; that seems too complicated for my taste), I think it needs a downgrade.

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I'm also confused on that one and how it affects humans as we so hell-bent on removing personal responsibility and judgment from life and we essentially become useless. If we don't exercise those things like taking responsibility or making judgment calls we don't learn and are worse off. I think technology has its place but we're looking to solve problems that I don't see as problems

thank you for sharing an interesting article, have a nice day

Thanks lol i tend to think a lot of weird stuff

now they are competing to make the best tools to control more people just by technology no more need to do wars like it was decades ago.

Thinking what the recent technology capable off, we should be worry to someday, there will be more robot dictating human what to do.

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I don't know whats going to happen, maybe the AI takes over, maybe we become one with the AI, maybe we co-exist, lol seems so weird to even think about, as a real thing and not some sci-fi movie

lol yes it is indeed, its kinda weird.
hopefuly we will have a different approached with things develop so much. so that we can live side by side, not just being used as a tools of the technology

Tech's governed by ethics till laws get updated. Unfortunately, a lot of lawmakers aren't the most tech savvy. You have 'dinosaurs' who think Google manufactures iPhones making legislation about crypto, for example.

Lol exactly governments will always lag behind and when they create laws it either just makes it worse or has some other stupid consequence down the line. It should come from inside and from those using the services not some random 3rd party that is too unskilled or too old to know how to deal with the issues

I am a jessie ,have a nice day...

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We need ethics. In everything. If one law is imoral, than it's imoral to obey it. Our biggest asset is our brain but I see fewer and fewer actually using it....

LOL damn Mary throwing hella shade i move it! Your low key burns are legit! I’d love to see you do it in person and see how people react

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Every invention can be curse or boon depending upon how we use it.
There are always two sides of a coin.
It's up to us how we want to use it.
I think we must have some governance (not necessarily by govt).

Other than some anti-monopoly laws, I don't trust anyone to govern how technology should be used. I think it should be left to the free market to decide. We should advocate for wise ethical use of technology, but I don't think we should have a group force others to obey whatever tech rules they want to enforce (at least from a government standpoint; I'm willing to make an exception to this rule for companies towards employees and family dynamics).

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