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RE: Should We Trust Michael Saylor's Bitcoin Vision?

in LeoFinance3 months ago

I dig the stuff his done but his taking this gigachad thing too far and it’s kind of annoying me now! Like happy Yoh found BTC but it’s like his jumping on every interview he can to make himself relevant and constantly posting about BTC

While I think it’s awesome what he did but I think he looks like a genius because he did it as we moved into bull market times and his buying with leverage! His never experienced a draw down and his average buy in is around 37k so what happens if we draw down? Then his under water on the trade and we’ll see of his got diamond hands

Banks are already saying they going to devalue company balance sheets with Bitcoin and offer them higher credit term so his leverage trade may not be something others can do In the future

I have mad respect for the guy but geez man calm down it’s like he wants to be satoshi so bad