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RE: Thoughts About Hive Never Leave Vitalik Buterin's Mind

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Well now that ETH is available on HIVE it seems like a good time to reach out and let him know he can use his beloved token here

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He probably has some hive stashed somewhere. I can bet on that.

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I think his got more ETH, BTC than he would ever need and I'm sure people gift him ERC-20's all the time

Too much money ain't enough money. And from my observation, the rich are more interested in power than money. He might look at hive as something of value in the future and decide to throw a couple of dollars in it. For someone paying close attention to the development of the hive blockchain, it would make sense that he has explored it by buying and using some of its dapps

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Lol, okay dude!

Is it in Hive-engine?

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You can deposit on Tribaldex and ERC-20 BAT i think is already live, they also have a diesel pool for ETH HIVE already