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RE: Will Hive Follow LEO and Steem?

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I must admit I kinda appreciate HIVE being so stable and stuck in a range, it makes it so much easier to trade between the various tokens, if it was also pumping up and down all that would do is make it harder to arbitrage gains between tokens and that to me kills the second layer experience


A very valid point. I'm surprised hives dollar coin has been doing relatively decently holding $1 not the best but not horrible like I've seen SBD. Which makes that a good token to do trading with as well. SBD is nearly $4 and it's suppose to be a stable coin at $1. I remember it blowing up to $13 last time we went through this so I'm sure we will be close to repeating that.

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I'm also pretty surprised, I do wish we had more trading pairs for HBD I think it's a very underutilised tool we have which would make trading here for more efficient and payment for goods and services.

I don't know if you saw this post on HBD loans and generating interest using the asset to encourage people to keep the token. It's ideas like this that I think would really make this place interesting to normal people who want to use and earn a few $ since fiat makes more sense to them