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RE: Building a Trading Bot from Scratch

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That's awesome! I've also been tinkering with building a trading bot, when I find the time to do so, but using python instead of javascript.

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Excellent! I was hoping that this post might entice some other programmers out of the woodwork.

Are you using the CCXT library to interface with the exchanges?

How far along is your bot?

I was using the poloniex library in python, but moving over to binance so actually shopping around for a new solution. I will have a look at CCXT.

My bot was operational last year but not very profitable, so I've taken it back to the drawing board. Struggling to find the time to put in meaningful work on it at the moment.

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CCXT currently supports 126 exchanges.

More importantly for you, there is Python Support.

I'm building my bot to use an arbitrary number of trading strategies. In the end it will be the strategies that determine if it is profitable or not.

Even if your bot was only turning a small profit, and not losing your money, keep it on line while you build the new one. I'm doing just this, running Gekko while I work on my own.

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