Shiba Inu the crypto that never ceases to amaze.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this valuable community, continuing with my publications today I will share with all of you a news related to the cryptocurrency Shiba Inu and is that this crypto that emerged as a meme of another cryptocurrency such as DOGE COIN has been the talk of the town in the last two months.

As it is well known by many of the users who make life within the cryptocurrency market, in October the cryptocurrency called Shiba Inu registered a rise that surpassed its historical maximum by placing its value at 0.00008647 dollars, all this happened due to a strong investment that was made by several investors because they consider that the project behind Shiba Inu is solid, however there are those who say that this cryptocurrency does not show a safe project and do not bet anything for it.

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and that is why you must be clear when you want to make an investment in this market, Shiba Inu for many is a cryptocurrency that can make the leap at any time and for others it is simply a misleading project that seeks to defraud large investors, the truth of the case is that recently an unknown person has invested $ 36.8 million in Shiba Inu, and its current price is at 0. 00004166 dollars, with this investment for sure this cryptocurrency will have a considerable rise in the coming days.


This amount of dollars described above lines invested in Shiba Inu are 850,000 million units of this cryptocurrency, this operation was made on November 22 according to the WhaleStats portal, but days before this investment made on November 17 specifically this same portal recorded an investment in Shiba Inu for 8.3 million dollars which represents 171,000 million units of this token, with these two large investments this cryptocurrency can recover again its value and position itself closer to its historical maximum.

In conclusion, we can infer that Shiba Inu has become a very uncertain cryptocurrency that is not really known what its projection is, since there are those who claim that it is a fraudulent project and there are those who claim that it has a solid project, in particular I believe that we should investigate more about this cryptocurrency before investing in it, because putting our investment at risk so easily would not be advisable and that we know very well those who make life in this wonderful world of cryptocurrencies.

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Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a bad joke after the success of Dogecoin (DOGE), which is also a joke, but at least not bad. And what more hilarious about this is the fact that Coinbase is listing both of these cryptocurrencies, while it does not list Hive, nor Hive Dollars (HBD).

Greetings, it is certainly very strange that an exchange platform does not list two cryptos as important as HIVE and HIVE DOLLAR, no doubt there are campaigns to support some projects and discredit others.

I Invested in Shiba Inu but i don't think it will boom anytime soon what are your thoughts on the same 😃

Hello, personally I think that Shiba Inu does not represent a solid project, but that does not prevent whale investors to arrive and invest in it to get profitability, but I still insist that the projects should be reviewed very well before investing in them.