BTC breaks its all-time high.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this valuable community, giving continuity to my cycle of publications today I will share with all of you the new record that BTC has imposed with its arrival to more than 62,000 dollars that reached after knowing the new plans of the stock exchange of the United States to create the first cryptocurrency fund.

Undoubtedly this important news about the creation of the first cryptocurrency fund that the stock exchange has just announced gives a significant boost to everything related to cryptocurrencies, since this stock exchange is one of the most influential in the world market. It is estimated that by next week the SEC will approve the creation of this cryptocurrency fund, although BTC is very volatile, it has proven to be the cryptocurrency of reference in the market.

The BTC on Friday reached exactly $62,257, its highest value so far this year and although its value decreased a little a few days ago due to the announcement of Binance to prohibit the operation of yuan from customer to customer, this motivated by the constant restrictions that China has imposed on cryptocurrencies. But the important thing to highlight at this moment is the creation of the new cryptocurrency fund that the U.S. stock exchange will create in the coming weeks, as it will undoubtedly strengthen the entire market.


The BTC has become the reference cryptocurrency in the market, that is why everything that revolves around it will be affected either positive or negative, in recent months it has suffered repeated attacks from the Asian continent, specifically from China, a country that has decided to ban all operations in cryptocurrencies, from my point of view this is in order to ensure the success of the digital yuan, but the BTC has successfully fought off all these attacks and remains at the forefront of the crypto market, so much so that some countries are already evaluating the possibility of implementing it as legal tender as El Salvador did.

In conclusion, this important news that recently emerged from the US stock exchange, has given an extra boost to BTC towards its growth and strengthening, there are those who project the value of BTC at $100,000 by the end of the year and although it seems difficult to achieve it, there is a possibility that it will happen, because every day more and more investors believe in this cryptocurrency and decide to invest in it.

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