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RE: STEMGeeks: The Next Tribe With Huge Potential

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I was thinking about spending some time in there. I'm an engineer and might be able to keep up. But I have a friend who is a high school math teacher that I was thinking I should tell about it. She NEEDS some more money and this might be something she would be interested in.

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Without a doubt. It is rather sparsely filled out the moment and there are a few holders of large amounts of tokens. This makes their curation extremely profitable. They are looking for good content.

Might be a way to help that community forward. As we see in Marky's post, the tokeneconomics is very aggressive. What they need most is growth.

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Can I just get there via LeoFinance or do they have their own front end?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta is their front end.

You can use Leofinance although it might drift outside of Leo's realm depending upon what you are writing about.

Plus, Stemgeeks has a stiff "tax" for posting from other interfaces, 50% of STEM author rewards. Thus, it is far more profitable to use the Stemgeeks interface. If the article does apply to leofinance, just use that tag in your post from stemgeeks.

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