What Do You Stand To Gain?

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When people are doing relatively well in any particular venture they find themselves in, they are usually close-minded towards every other thing of equal or more potential.

If you try to introduce anything new to them, anything that might sound too good to be true, like crypto, for example, they smirk and ask you, "what do you stand to gain when I join?"

I am not gonna lie, I have responded in this same manner once or twice myself when I was being sold a new idea. But when I eventually get cured of my ignorance, I usually always say thank you to my mentor till infinity.

I am not close-minded per se, I would rather say I find it hard to trust people that much when it has to do with investments and business because I had been burned by Ponzi and failed businesses so much that it was only right to be skeptical.

I am also the kind of person that wants family and friends to get involved in anything progressive that I managed to get myself involved in. So many times, I have found it difficult to resist the temptation of trying to onboard an unsoliciting family or friend into crypto.

I usually tell myself, allow them to catch the curiosity bug first, then help them with some education when they come to you. But alas, I always find myself chasing after them, to forcefully cure their ignorance. Which as you would guess, usually backfires.

Just recently, a friend of mine called to say hello said it's been a while and he wanted to know how I was doing. When he hung up, I felt a bit humbled and loved (Hahah) because I am not the type to pick up and call a friend out of the blues to check upon them. So this act of his truly humbled me.

I felt it was only right I showed him kindness in my own way, so I tried to onboard him. I sold him an idea of how he could make some life-changing money with crypto, via the Hive Blockchain.

This buddy of mine is a football fanatic, an IT specialist and his wife is a vlogger. He and his wife have all the tools to succeed on Hive. He loves to analyze football, he loves to talk about computer programming and all that nerd stuff.

I thought about the things he could do before trying to onboard him and I think I tried to the best of my ability to make him understand the rudimentary and then I gave him some links to read up on some of the basics of crypto.

After all, I preached, his response made me feel like I was trying to sell something to him, something he certainly doesn't wanna buy and I am gonna admit, I felt kind of deflated.

I have made a pledge to myself that I am not gonna onboard anybody who didn't ask me first, and I am gonna try to stick to it.

Ever tried to onboard a noob? How did it go?

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I've tried to onboard a few people, and it didn't happen. Of course, I didn't try very hard, and I face a different set of obstacles.

For one, I live in NY state, which has some real strict rules regarding cryptocurrency. None of the exchanges that list Hive are licensed to operate here, and will not even give you an account if you have a NY bank and address. So for me, there is no immediate financial incentive for the people I live near.

Also, most of the people I know are doers, who have little time for social media in the first place. Everyone is on Facebook, only a handful have ANY other social media accounts. Their engagement online is only a way to stay in touch with people they don't have time to physically visit, so if THOSE people aren't also on Hive, there's no incentive for them to join.

Sign up was also a big hurdle for people. People I know are not tech savvy, or interested in learning. They want one password, that they can choose, and it will be their favorite pet's name. Ecency will help a lot with this, I think, but NOBODY I know would make it through the setup process on Hive.io.

These days, I push the content more. I know a lot of gardeners and homesteaders, and there's plenty of vibrant community around here for those people. The censorship free nature of the platform appeals to the local Trump supporters, and if the Ecency logo didn't look so much like a symbol that QAnon equates with pedophilia, I might have gotten a few of those onboard. I've managed to bring a few extra eyeballs to the platform by posting my own DIY and repair content to Hive exclusively, and linking to it on my Facebook, but I don't think any of them have actually signed up yet.

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Most of the points you highlighted are also valid for me.

Onboarding friends and family who aren't tech-savvy first of all is so tasking that I fear the stress isn't worth it at all.

Right now, the thought of onboarding someone, anybody gives me that feeling of...Yeesshh (in Timmon's voice).

Thanks for taking your time to write this very long response. I appreciate it.

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