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RE: Airports: Becoming Do It Yourself

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I remember two years ago I came to visit Spain, Madrid from Denmark, so I thought I'm gonna go get myself some summer clothes. I enter the store, can't recall now what it was, but I'm sure some chain like ZARA or similar and I don't see any staff there. As I'm about to go pay I notice these self-checkout machines, never seen them before, apart from grocery stores. Moreover, the machines are smart and I don't need to scan anything, I just drop my purchases on the scales it automatically knows what I'm buying I press checkout and pay. Zero human interaction. Count me impressed.

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That has not make it on scale into the US (although I cant recall the last time I purchased clothing) but it makes sense.

Cashier is one of the jobs that is going to be eradicated over the next 5 years I believe. We are simply going to have to have automated checkout.

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