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RE: LeoAlpha: Thorchain (RUNE): Environment, Technology and Competition

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As the market cap of Thorchain increases, I imagine they'll be able to hire more developers to work on integrations with the dozens, if not hundreds, of other up and coming blockchains. Another thing I love about Thorchain is they embrace competition, and encourage other teams to innovate on cross-chain trading.


I am sure they will continue to innovate and push their project forwards!

The question on competition that carrying out this research raised to me was:

  • When comparing Thorchain's technology (native assets / vaults) to that being used elsewhere (wrapped assets) is one approach sufficiently better than the other to give a competetive advantage or are they two equally valid systems?
  • Will this end up being a Betamax / VHS situation if the wrapped asset approach is signed up by all their main competitors?