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I know that ecency provide the best android and ios apps so far to post curation in hive . But i never know that you are being reward on any activity you do in ecency with point . Or should we call it ecency point ?

You ll being reward if you do post , upvote , reblog or anything via this apps.


The best thing , you can help yourself or you friend by boosting or promoting the post. You also can send those point to friend .




I believe many people already know this , but some doesn’t that you also can buy those point with your currency , its a bit pricey but for that number of point i think it worth it. But still i still prefer getting those point using my own activity


The second thing that i just know is you can spin to win point . And it has 24 hours cool down or you can just buy the spin with your money , which i also not recommend myself to do that.



Lastly , everyone who actively using this platform will be listed in daily , weekly and monthly hall of fame which another free promotion . I do curious what they write for getting listed there.


It’s gonna be awesome if other tribe can make apps like this in the future. My preference is proofofbrain and sportstalk


Waivio is another top notch demonstration of smart features on the Hive Blockchain.

@vancouverdining is the account that curate most of the content there, but I hope to see it grow.

It's like Yelp in someways, but also reminds me of a blog more than a review.

They have smart code to "add review" or "add rating" to the article, and when you do that, it registered the producer and merchant if you list them on the blog as well.

It seriously could compete with Google maps if it's adopted on main stream levels.

I just know. Is it available to use now?

nice . checking it out

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