A Rant on @Arcange's and @HiveBuzz's "Level" Requirements

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As many of you know, there are classifications (levels) that Hive users are put into based on the number of vests a user has. Click here for @HiveBuzz's rundown and post on this. It's well worth the read.

The classifications are listed in the aforementioned post and can be found in this image that @arcange and @HiveBuzz have both shared previously.

Can we please get a discussion going on the naming conventions within the Hive community?

As someone with a background in marine science, these rankings make near-zero sense to be used on Hive and make even less sense when you consider the actual species involved in this ranking system which is what I'm going to focus on. I can go into depth if need be, but I am just going to be short and simple for now.

"Red Fish" are larger than minnows. The term "minnows" commonly refers to small species of fresh water fish and is used less often in a salt water environment. "True" minnows are actually small freshwater carp; not even close to being relevant to the other 4 members of the ranking system we use.
Red Fish is most commonly used as another name for the Red Drum, a saltwater species. Red Fish can reach >50 inches (127cm) which is MUCH larger than a minnow.

The next three do not make much sense. They are all mammals while the previous two are fish. It is true that orcas are larger than dolphins. Orcas are actually the largest species of dolphin. Dolphins are a subspecies of whale (cetaceans). So, we have three rankings of whale. Yes, I am aware that "Whales" are what people with large influence on the price of a coin by holding a lot of a specific crypto are commonly referred to. I get why it is the highest ranking on here; however, Hive rankings need to change.

If we are to keep the current ranking system, I suggest, at bare-minimum, that we switch minnows and red fish and make the rankings: Minnow, Red Fish, Dolphin, Orca, Whale.
If we are to keep a marine ranking system, I propose either:
(a) Goby, Flounder, Red Fish, Marlin, Whale Shark;
(b) Otter, Sea Lion, Manatee, Elephant Seal, Blue Whale.
(c) Otter, Sea Lion, Manatee, Seal, Whale
These are based on size of the species relative to each other.

If we change the ranking system to match the blockchain, then I propose: Sweat Bee, Honey Bee, Yellow Jacket, Giant Resin Bee, Asian Giant Hornet.
These are based on size of the species relative to each other.

This is a rough suggestion, I'm sure we can come up with a better names as a community. I don't think that Hymenoptera names are not nearly as catchy as the marine names, but they all would fall in the category of Hive-dwelling... just like all of us ;)

I'm sure the current naming convention doesn't bother a lot of people, but it should still be Hive-oriented, should it not?

Note: I know that sea lions and seals are both pinnipeds, it just makes the most sense if we are to use marine mammals (in my opinion) as they are still quite different from one another.

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Well we could use kitchen utensils, after all a Hive is not only a storage place it is a home and a gathering place. And I think most homes have at least one drawer filled with rarely used or excess kitchen utensils.

  • Teaspoon, (it does the least damage),
  • Tablespoon,(it can cause a sting when swung hard at the back of the hand),
  • Fork, (they can cause a lot of commotion when brandied about in a half hearted manner),
  • Knife, (caution they can cut smaller guys/gals to pieces with down votes), and
  • Cleavers, (cause they thing they can chop through anything).

Kind of a very loose association with hive, a hive is also a gathering place and for some reason most parties tend to congregate around the kitchen. I often wonder if that is because the kitchen carries/hold the most weapons.

Interesting take, honestly. It definitely describes how damaging the ranks can be to others; however, I cannot accept your proposed roles... Teaspoon and tablespoon? Both spoons. Knife and cleaver? A cleaver is technically a knife. :)

Also, please see this video for proof that spoons deserve more respect as an instrument of pain. It's 100% scientific; both precise and accurate.

I was going to go with a corn cob holder as the first level, then after the spoon a spork before the fork, then I could have ended at a knife.

Thanks for the laughs, that was a good video.

Just saw this now. What do you think about my suggestion for a classification, based on ants not fish. An anthive would be a great analogy for the Hive ecosystem:

I love everything you presented there. I absolutely neglected ants in my post favoring a bee/wasp suggestions since the Hive logo looks more like a honeycomb from bees than it does anything to do with ants.

I think people would be offended being referred to what you presented though. I'm not sure anyone would like to be called an egg, larva, minor, or soldier. It's one of the reasons I did not suggest Egg, Larva, Drone, Worker, and Queen in this post.

I would still like to see a move away from the Ocean and something that fit seamlessly with the Blockchain. It would definitely be hard to move away from "Whale" and that is the main one we'd have to find a suitable replacement for in my opinion.

I'm assuming this is intended as a humorous piece.

Now I know the answer to the question:
What do you get when you cross a lawyer with a marine biologist?

Welcome (back) to Hive!

Oh, I sure don't know the answer to the question. I don't see any lawyers or marine biologists around, let alone them being the same person.

Edit: I see you are a lawyer... So I do see a lawyer around.

What are now called Red Fish used to be called Plankton, for the first year or two of the old blockchain.

There’s never been any real logic to it, other than the powers of ten.

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I remember them being referred to as plankton back on Steemit when I was active on there (2017-2018). It's just such a weird transition from Plankton to Red Fish. Plankton <Minnow <Red Fish. No reason for them to have made the switch besides trying to slightly get away from the "norm" after the steem fork.

Since there is no rhyme or reason to it, why would we have not made it more a "Hive" themed system?

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Inertia is a powerful force.

I didn't really get the whole animal link. Hives is taken from beehive more from what the function of their hive is. A center were loads of bees do something.

But because we live in a time that we need to game-ify everything.. I would vote for the bees

Yeah, I don't understand the whole animal-link either; never have. A Hymenoptera (bees, wasps, ants, and sawflies) themed naming convention would make the most sense in my opinion. I think there are much better naming options than the few bees/wasps I suggested, but I tried to keep them in order by size.

Gamifying things can be fun and is an excellent way to market nowadays.. which makes it even more weird that we would gamify it in such a way that doesn't seemingly fit with the blockchain we're on.

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Good points, I'm not against gamifying things. Only little bit wondering why our society needs to have everything gamified to keep their attention.

I replied to your post here.
Don't get me wrong, I ain't laughing at you. The post will allow me to refer to it to answer this subject on which I have already been questioned so many times.

Thanks, I appreciate you responding. I do expect to get some shade thrown at me in the comments on there and probably here now too. Should be fun.

Don't be so pessimistic. People can be really cool on Hive.
Your questions and proposals are full of common sense and you are not the only one to address this subject.
Fortunately, this is not one that really upsets.

I don't know where it all originated apart from whales being a generic term for large crypto holders. I'm not against more Hive appropriate creatures, but I'd have to rename my @tenkminnows account :)

The main thing is we need more big accounts and should do what we can to achieve that.


I plan on powering up monthly and I hope to see others doing the same especially since we have HPUDs monthly.

I keep adding small amounts. Staying active and building the community brings rewards too.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

What about @tenklarva? Hmm... no, definitely not a good idea!

I just hope we can get more people powered up, whatever they are called.


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