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RE: Technology Completely Changing Business

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Some of the tech stories that get me the most excited are the ones that have to do with science. I think there was one the other day that the used a laser to manipulate anti-matter or something like that. I think all of these gadgets and stuff like that are cool, but I am waiting for that one break through that totally changes science and physics as we currently know it. That will turn everything on its head. Like you have said about other tech stuff, I think we are closer to seeing this reality than a lot of people realize.

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The shift in physics from Newtonian to quantum is a big one. Opens up an entirely new outlook.

We are seeing people focus upon some really far out areas. So it will be interesting to see what progress is made.

This is why the world is going to change so much in the next couple decades. When we account for the research taking place, breakthroughs in these areas really have a profound impact.

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For sure! I got a quantum physics for dummies book a while ago and it was still way over my head. Probably the best explanation I have ever gotten of some of the concepts was from the book Timeline.

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Quantum is a rather tough topic to understand.

Even the basics are beyond most of us.

I am sure the Dummy version reads like a 4th year graduate book.

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Haha yeah, it was pretty intense!