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RE: The Quest For Trillions

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I was thinking about this the other day. A million dollars used to be so much. I remember my friend had an uncle that ran a private hunting and fishing club. We got to pretty much have the run of the place during the off season, but one of the requirements was you had to have made your first million by the time you were 25 or something like that. That seemed like such a lofty goal back then. It was definitely impressive. Now... not as much. I'd still be happy to be part of that club, but it just doesn't hold the same weight.

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Of course, back then, depending upon how long ago it was, we were more in an analog world. Digitization made massive amounts of money for people.

It also lowered the costs of a lot of things. Consider what taking pictures use to cost. Now, we take 3 trillion pictures a year, for virtually, free. Most of us do not spend money on even a camera.

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Yeah, that is a good analogy. My dad used to have a dark room in our house, so everything about the whole process was so time consuming, costly, and intense!

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There are many examples:

Most everything in a smartphone use to be a separate device (GPS, cameras, filing cabinets, etc...)

And we are about to see a lot more like shopping malls going virtual.

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That just makes sense to me. Where will the crazy teenagers hangout though? :)

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