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RE: People Still Do Not See How Cryptocurrency Is The Answer

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This is part of the reason I think it would be really smart for Apple to open up some form of decentralized or even centralized exchange. I know there was talk about it, but I am not sure how legitimate it was. They have to know that they are not always going to be able to rely on the iPhone for the bulk of their sales. I have a feeling they have been thinking for years now about what the next big thing they can do would be.

I could totally see big tech getting people so immersed in VR that they struggle to live life in the real world. This has been a plot in countless books and movies.

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The problem is what is the real world? How real is it especially once we have a digital layer over everything. When you are walking down the street and imagines are projected into your contact lens (or whatever) that are virtual displays, what is real and what is not.

Is music in digital form any less real than when it was a record? I would say it is not. The same with video. SO why do we think that experiences, if technology can replicate it, will be any less real?

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I understand what you are saying, but there is a definite difference. People wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars (myself included) to go to a concert if the experience of listening to it at home in digital format was "as real". I think they both have their merits and benefits, but one is definitely more visceral than the other. In my opinion anyway. I'd argue that life denotes realism, but then I am sure you will say something about AI being considered life in the future (or even now)... :)

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I think you will have a different viewpoint by the end of this decade/beginning of the next one.

The merging of the digital/real world will be complete by then. Virtual worlds will appear to us as real as your living room is today.

This is the direction things are going.

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You may very well be right! I wouldn't mind myself a personal holodeck!

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