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RE: Life In 2050: Some Ideas

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I think it is important to note that while the world is definitely going to change and advance, the human mind is also changing in this time period. For sure people my age and older might have an issue as we move forward with adapting and accepting the changes that are taking place. On the other hand, younger minds are already changing the way they gather and process information. I think beyond 2050 we will see the gap decrease between the change that is happening and the change that is acceptable or can be coped with. If that makes sense.

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But what if it doesn't go that way? By then aging might not even be a factor.


At least by 2050, most of us from the generation that resists change will likely be dead so we will not be holding the world back from advancement.

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Likely true! I'll be in my 70's kicking it in the Metaverse!

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I will be 80.

It is possible, not sure how probably. I guess I will find out in 30 years.

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