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RE: Crypto Financial Innovation Just Getting Started

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That does seem like a kind of cryptic Tweet. I am glad you were potentially able to make a bit more sense of it than I was. What do you think the benefit is of permanently locking Hive versus just burning it? Or is it pretty much the same thing?

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Considering I have not much idea what Dan is referring to, it is anyone's guess. Sadly, we will have to wait 10 or so days to find out. This is the epitome of a teaser.

I would say a permanent lock is similar to a burn. However, there is a difference. With a burn, it is 100% gone. It sounds like with this, a permanent lock is going to still provide benefit.

Hard to tell since Dan purposely did not release too many details.

This all pertains to the first video put out when discussing the decentralized video storage and such.

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Ah, okay. You seem to have a better handle on it than me! :) I appreciate you covering all of this stuff. I am still kind of learning as I go.

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