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RE: The counterfeit chain

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I have been finding myself using less and less cash over the years. I know it is probably dangerous because some places only take cash. Especially in the small town areas where I live. In the future, I think that will be less of an issue. Hopefully digital currency will be the norm and everyone will take it!

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In many places, cash is the go to for two main reasons - the gateways for cards can be expensive. Cash doesn't always end up taxed. In some places where there has been a history of needing to hide wealth (like Germany), cash still has a lot of support, but it is changing.

Personally, I don't like cards - but that is more about who issues and owns the cards , than the cards themselves. Also, cards tend to lead to more spending as there is no "feel" for what is being spent.

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I can appreciate those sentiments. It's more of a convenience thing for me. Plus whenever I have cash in my wallet my wife always finds something she needs it for.