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RE: Rethinking Ripple

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Don't do it! Do whatever you want of course. I actually did a lot of research on Ripple when I was first getting into cryptos. The thing that really turned me off was the fact that they were so heavily influenced by the banks. It seemed like it was the anti-crypto crypto. Part of what drew me to crypto was the kind of underground nature of it and the freedom it gave you from institutions. While I agree that some regulation is necessary for mass adoption, Ripple just always felt like the equivalent of a NARC to me.


Lol. Too late.

And those are the same reasons I stayed away. But, I’ve clearly grown & evolved over the last few years.

The whole rebellious anti-establishment stance has been fun. But there comes a point of maturation where you gotta look at what actually serves the most people.

Believe me, there are very strong reasons for my shift in the fundamentals. And not just from the perspective of wanting financial gains...

Good luck! I hope it works out for you. I am banking on WAX to pump. Even if Ripple does well, other chains will probably follow.

Tagged you on Steemit in a relative comment. (Not sure if you’re still active there).

Ah, yep, just checked it out. I do agree that bitcoin is much too slow to be the transfer Go-to for most people. That is why my first crypto investment was LTC. Faster and less expensive. I think there are better options out there that don't have the stigma associated with Ripple. That is just my unprofessional opinion of course.

Keep in mind, though:

The stigma is amongst a very small number of crypto maximalists that tend to be heavily leaning towards borderline-extremist libertarianism / anarchist philosophy...

They are total minnows in the ocean of the global financial system.

Food for thought... 🍎