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RE: Hive: You're One-Stop Shop for Everything

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It is pretty amazing how much is available on Hive. I have loved seeing it grow over the past year. Even when you cut out the earlier times on the other chain, what we have done in the past year is just amazing. It is really exciting to be a part of it. I think Hive is a great first step for a lot of people when they are thinking about getting into blockchain. Especially if you can help them get the Hive Keychain setup. That takes 99% of the headache away right there!

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Yes, that's why I'm so excited for the future. When they get the apps out there that allow the onboarding to be a lot easier I really think this place could explode. And if and when the side-chain gets built on the Hive-Engine, seriously, watch out. Rocket ship! All of this attention that Leo and Cub are generating is really going to start feeding into Hive. That's where it all starts. It won't be long until it's over $1 in my opinion.

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I think you are right, we just need to bide our time until that happens!

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