Ledger Unveils New Hardware Wallet

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Don't let the picture fool you. This is my hardware wallet, not the new one that Ledger announced the other day.

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be given a $50 Amazon gift card. I decided I was going to use it to purchase a hardware wallet. I honestly didn't do a lot of research, I simply settled on the Ledger Nano X without knowing too much about it because it was supposedly one of the best wallets on the market at the time.

I had heard people having space issues with the Nano S, so that was the main reason I picked the Nano X. Looking back now, I kind of wish I would have given the Trezor wallets a bit more attention. From what I have seen they seem a bit more user friendly.

In an article I read the other day, Ledger is now getting ready to launch the Ledger STAX Wallet. Designed by a former Apple engineer, I have to admit, this thing is pretty sleek looking. Love or hate Apple, one thing they do quite well is design devices and packaging.

I'll give you a second to jump over to that link above and check out the design of the device.

You good now?

I love the fact that they used the E Ink technology to make it just as readable as something like the original Kindle. I am guessing that also allowed them to keep the price lower than it might have been had they used a full color display. At $279, they are already touting this as a "premium" wallet.

I think it is kind of cool that they are going to allow you to display NFT's that you own on the front as well. According to the article, this will be available at Best Buy and online by the end of first quarter 2023. There is some speculation this new model could be coming at an opportune time for them given the current push to move to self custody wallets among the crypto community.

Personally, I have a love hate relationship with hardware wallets. More specifically, I just find my Nano X not very user friendly. I don't know as though the STAX will change that, but hopefully having more than two buttons will be a good start. It is a massive pain to cycle through all the characters to input my PIN anytime I want to access my Nano X.

On top of that, given the size, I feel I am more likely to lose it than I would my cell phone or something like that. While I know the reasons a software wallet on my cell phone isn't as secure as a hardware wallet, it is definitely more convenient.

Since I move crypto around both at work and home, I shudder to think of how easy it would be for me to lose my Nano X if I were to take it back and forth between the two locations. The STAX looks like it would feel a bit more hefty and less likely to be lost or forgotten.

That's a me problem though, not a you problem.

Someone pointed out to me the other night that Trezor has some pretty cool looking full screen hardware wallets. There is also one by Ngrave that looks pretty impressive. From a purely design standpoint though, I have to admit the STAX is just a sexy looking piece of hardware.

What do you think? Are you going to be picking one up? Do you currently have a Nano? How user friendly do you find it to be? Are you ever worried about losing it due to it being so portable?

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I haven't really worried about a hardware wallet but I should probably consider it. Maybe it's just because I don't really feel like my crypto position is that large outside of Hive and I don't really think it's worth it yet. However, I would always try to choose the best ease-of-use wallet if I can. Making things complicated is annoying and I don't think it works that well at attracting people.

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From what I have seen the Trezors seem to be a bit more user friendly. I have zero first hand experience though. I think this wallet might be a good step towards ease of use, but it comes at a price obviously.

I have a Nano X I picked up a while back that I still haven't moved stuff to yet.

I think I just have a handful of tokens on it. I moved like half of my sats over to it and I think I have some LTC on it. I might have some XRP on it too, I honestly don't remember. I should dust it off and check it out sometime!

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I keep too much stuff on coinbase so I got it to address that. I just haven't overcome my procrastination yet :).

I started moving most of my stuff off Coinbase and over to Atomic Wallet the other day. It seems to work pretty well and it supports a lot of different coins.

I got the ledger s and it is small, great if you want just for BTC and one other coin but ETH wallet alone takes most the space.

The stax looks a lot better for sure, seems like it has a touch screen so should be more user friendly.

That's what I was thinking too. It just seems quite elegant to me. I am not sure how portable it would be, but for looks alone it is a winner in my book. I wouldn't consider myself an Apple fanboi either, but I do appreciate what they do.

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i just looked at the picture and thought, .. that looks exactly like mine i bought 2 years ago !

:) yeah, as I pointed out to someone else, I had to be careful about copyright. It was just easier this way.

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Reading the title, I opened up this post just to see the fascinating pics of that new palm sized STAX but was quite disappointed. However, I'll try to come back later to read it all 😉.
Anyways, I'll order one. Although, I ain't keen to hodl NFTs, I do like the big screen size for my weak & lazy eyes. Hope it's cheaper than an old smart phone, lol!

It isn't available until next year, so getting an actual photo would have been difficult. Plus copyright makes it hard to steal images from the original article. I have a ton of NFTs, so I think this could be cool. I don't think I would pay full price for it though. There would have to be some kind of sale or discount.

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Never mind, I had seen several pictures of it as it was presented in yesterday's Op3n-2022 held at Paris. So copying the official release images from their Press shouldn't be considered a violation of IPR.

If you can win one here, you won't have to pay any price for it 😅

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I think that is a gray area. A lot of people think as long as they source it then using the photos is okay. That isn't necessarily the case. I prefer to err on the side of caution. Winning one for free wouldn't be bad at all.

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I am a little bit outdated about this wallets, thanks for bringing it


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