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This is my entry for the StemGeeks Invent a technology contest

When I was in School I had learnt that Humans have three basic necessities namely food, clothes and shelter.

As in the past few years, humans have been so attached and addicted to digital devices and technology that we believe that we would cease to exist without them.

First everything was fine when we were using them for assisting us in our day to day work.
Now we rely on them for everything. It’s almost like we are handicapped without them.
The first thing we do upon waking up and the last thing we do before going to sleep is the same, use some type of remote device be it smart phone, or tablet or smart watch.

Somewhere in some part of the world :

There is a Tilly who is doing her homework and Milly her elder sister texting her friend -
Tilly - Hey Mills ... What is 2+ 2?
Milly - Wait let me just swipe like this and open my Calculator app... Now let’s see 2 and a plus and a 2 ... it’s 4 dummy how could you ask such a stupid thing...

There is a Bill and a Joe who are sitting at a cafe -
Bill - Ah ... My hands are messy ... remind me to wash my hands before the food arrives.
Joe - Sure Man. Hey Phone... Remind me to Remind Bill to wash his hands in 2 minutes.

There is a James and a Jill -
James - Hey there Jill ... Happy Anniversary !!!!
Jill - Thanks James .... You got the date right but our Anniversary was last month.
James - Something must be wrong with my phone...else I would never forget our Anniversary...

And so on and so forth.

It’s not only these random guys it’s me too. I remember walking into a store with an old man behind the counter. I had two bills that respectively read 876 and 539. I reached out to my phone and used my calculator app and got 1415, I redid the calculation again on my phone to be sure. Then I did a 1500- 1415 to know the change I would receive. This took me about 5 minutes. The man just glanced at my bill and handed me 85.
This let me stunned.

I should be able to use my brain for basic stuff like math, logic, memory, analysis, etc. No super high level but real basics.

So that’s where my technology comes in.
Dramatic Entrance with drum rolls.

Introducing the Brain Use Technology.
( It was the best I could come up with 😅)

It tracks all the digital, electronic and smart devices you are using and computes how much of your brain you are using and how much you are outsourcing while letting your own equipment (your brain) rust. When someone is using a phone, computer or calculator to do a simple math, or to do a simple task it will take note of it for its computation. It will not be a application installed on any device but it would be something that is around us like signals or waves that would observe human behaviour and collate information.

Source - Unsplash

“Yeah So What ... Like Someone is going to realise how dumb I am. I will never show must results to anyone.”

Nada ... that’s what makes Brain Use Technology so special.

It picks up the social media you are most active on and makes sure to post your results periodically so all your friends and colleagues will really know. Every one is worried about their social status, by which I mean their Social Media pages and their virtual social standing.

By Periodically I don’t mean daily because if something becomes common no one will care.
By Periodically I mean either half yearly or yearly ... something like Santa’s Naughty list.

Once this is implemented one would start relying less on digital devices and make concrete efforts to improve. Who knows ... we can then put up global rankings which would be considered for grades in school and work spaces. This will make people more active and attentive to their surroundings.

Slowly Slowly Humans may reduce relying on these instruments and devices which are doing nothing but mostly rotting our brain.

Though this is just a seed idea I can think of many ways to misuse this idea to do harm, but we got to look at the source of the light rather than just thinking about the shadow.
Every coin has two sides, we just have to make certain to gain the most benefit and curb the dark side to the existing possible.

This is my first time posting for the StemGeeks.
I apologies in advance if I might have made any basic and technical error in my post, if so please let me know so I can improve upon myself.

Have a great day ahead.

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