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RE: Ask Me Anything - Marky Edition - June 8th 2021

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My question to you is, if I'm upvoting through portals like Stemgeeks or proofofbrain or really any number of portals to the hive, does the upvote for the person's post only get backed by the coin of the front end I'm using? For instance, on Ecency, I get Hive, the native currency. I don't get additional ecency coins from people's upvotes; however, when I visited the proofofbrain community, I found I had pob waiting for me. When I went to the StemGeeks interface, I had Stem waiting for me. So if I upvote on a post and I have staked POB, STEM, and have HP, does the person I upvote get a portion of all 3 (amongst many other coins I've staked tied to Hive)? And if they get all the ones I've staked, does that also mean when I curate, I'm getting a percentage of all 3, also?

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You can earn tokens on any tribe (community with their own token).

It is possible to earn tokens without any staked like if you leave a comment on a pob post and get upvoted by someone with pob staked but usually it is via author and curation in those communities.

Generally though people will make a dedicated account for curation due to shared voting power issues.

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So rewards from my upvotes are dependent on which community I'm signed into at the time and the staking I have in that community? For instance, I am currently signed into the Stem community for this comment. When I upvote your reply to me, it's worth 0.000434 Stem, based on what I saw. I'm assuming then, that you won't get 100% of my HP vote or POB vote but my vote will only be based on my staking in Stem because that's the community I'm interacting on at the moment, correct?

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It doesn’t matter what community you are signed in to. All the matters is what tokens you have staked an what tags were used on the post. If you have pob staked but the post isn’t tagged with proofofbrain you will not give any pob influence nor will you earn pob curation rewards.

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Very interesting! Thank you!