Let's talk about finding gems in the market before their prices moon

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Investing is dynamic affair, or maybe I am the one who just likes to see it that way.

But I feel that there are lots of involved moving parts, factors and variables that makes things work out in the market. So we can still go with the idea that investing is dynamic(that's if you have a contrary opinion).

Then, we can also agree that in order to profit from ones investment at least from my minute experience a good understanding of the said factors is in order.

Now, these factors are quite a number and about 99.9% of the time they tend to vary in the way they are applied by investors to evaluate and analyze potential profitable investments.

What sets experienced and inexperienced investors apart during the process of analyzing assets for possible future appreciation is the skill and practicality they use in applying the needed measures in order to get as much information as much possible about the asset.

A large number of investors trade based on what they know about the current status of the market. While this is actually an effective approach, at the end of the day there is still a good chance of being able to make a very nice profit on your investments by trading based on what you know about the future status of the market.

Here's what I mean, naturally an average return on a profitable asset would yield 10% - 15% maybe, but also in the market we have seen people doing up to 50% - 70% in profit and that's just me trying to keep the numbers conservative so it doesn't sound too good to be true.

While I am not saying that these said factors are the exact prescribed medication from the doctor as regards the current subject matter, I do feel that given some consideration, agreeing that they are quite instrumental in helping to go the extra mile in finding potential highly profitable assets in the market is not a bad idea.

The contents of this video will highlight each factor and moving part as well as explain their importance and what roles they play in helping to determine the possible future outcome of the asset being looked into.

This video was curated from CoinBureau.

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