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RE: Stay frosty on security

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Shortly after we got back from Krakow, someone got me good. I remember reaching out to @eveuncovered and she calmed me down a lot. Then @crimsonclad was a rockstar and helped me go through the recovery process. I still don’t know how it happened but someone got ahold of my keys and locked me out immediately. Luckily I had no liquid Steem at the time as everything was powered up. Either way...yeah. Be careful. I hope whomever got boned tonight somehow can recover.


Yeah it happens a fair bit. There are a couple of "big name" people who have lost their keys a couple times - which I find weird. But hey, mistakes happen and there is always an arsehole waiting to cash in.

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That’s one of the negative aspects of crypto...just how many shady scuzzbuckers are lurking and scheming.

As for keys, I hope I never find myself in that position again.