Will Hive Follow LEO and Steem?

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Hive is a hard fork of Steem and a built platform just like it. (Trust me there is some seriously bad blood there include for myself) But that's not what this post is about. Instead we are going to look into what it's going to take to get HIVE moving.

The biggest issue with HIVE seems to be the same underlying issue that there was with steemit. Lots and lots of talk about stuff to come and nothing being done. It's seriously a sad thing to see.

If I had the capability and knowledge to know how to do those edits I would. However instead I am more of an investor in opportunity. I put my money into people and places I feel are great. It helps them thrive and also earns me income as they continue to do better.

Having capital for any project is important and is always a great motivator.

LEO is a prime recent example of this. Currently trading at $0.499 compared to HIVE at $0.139 What I believe we are seeing right now and of course I could be totally wrong. Is a mimic effect of what happened to crypto in between 2017 and 2018 the charts seriously look exactly the same. I do believe bitcoin might have hit its threshold though and from there we will see rapid up and down movement for the next few weeks.


During that time we should see a percentage of those funds start to move into other cryptos. That means people "investors" are going to be on the hunt for the next big thing. What we need to do is show them how much potential LEO has and from that HIVE will climb in prices as well since the two are related.

You will most likely see yet again a LARGE portion of those funds dump into Ethereum. People start talking about crypto and the first thing they think of is Bitcoin so guess what they go buy bitcoin. They act fast and don't think or research. It's only after this point they start to put in the time to look around. As Bitcoin stagnates and trades wildly they will start moving bitcoin into other areas. I do feel Ethereum is going to be that primary area with DeFi all the rage and Etherum 2.0 here FINALLY

These same things saw steems price for SBD rise upwards of $13 per SBD which later trickled down to about $5 in value for a steem token itself. This very same thing could happen to HIVE simply on hype and speculation. However we should be working on groundwork and advancements. A token or crypto not making updates and marketing is a dead crypto to the other thousands of cryptos that nearly all do the same thing now.

I very much look forward to the next few months and what the LEO team brings to the table. I also believe these advancements could end up trickling over into HIVE itself and start building that platform better. It's time to filter out the junk and people who sit around and do nothing just collecting and start putting people who are capable and have a track record of doing so in place.

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Hive is alive.
And it will explode.
Maybe not tomorrow. But it will.

Few days ago I've started to put all my daily incomes from Leo and dCity into one single asset, into Hive.
That allows me to power up about 1000-1300 new Hive every day.
I hope I can double my Hive stake before mid summer. 300K HP would be sweet.
Before Hive really takes off

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dang 1,000 - 1,300 Hive per day that's impressive numbers but seriously motivates me even more now! Do you have ideas as to why you feel Hive will be thriving here soon? New work being done? Marketing? etc? Thanks!

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6th feeling.
Sound in my gut.
Hard to describe.

The growing atacks from Twitter, FB, Google and now even Amazon against free speech can not last forever.
Once millions of people finally say "enough of that", where do they go ?
Hive is so much ahead of all other alternatives. And growing. In

Damn Censorship.

More than 50% of my life was spoiled under communist regime. ussr.

Never ever again
I would rather die.

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One reason SBD pumped to $7 back then was because of the first ever, “official”, “tether fud”.

At the time, steem backed dollars (SBD), was “known” as one of if not the only other $1USD peg.

That timing also aligned somewhat with Craig and Trevon cashing out around 6 figures each out of bitconnect (BCC) and helped create the steem and sbd tops. (They lost a significant USD amount in those investments but easy money goes easy too.

hive and Steem are also considered income for people, they are pressing the sell button. The only way we can counter this is by onboarding more and more users, and I’m talking about compounding new users month after month

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That's a highly flawed system then if that's really the case. More things will need to be put into place to increase the value of the coin. The low fees are nice but really no one cares about that much until ETH and Bitcoin become overly expensive to make transactions and SBD/Steem at the time seemed to be used to offset that. Perhaps we will see that again since fees are still stupid high on those platforms even after 3 years! It kind of floors me how slow crypto actually moves when it's to be branded as the new currency. It has the same exact flaws of 3 years ago.

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Well the thing is open source software is slow. Think of the last major Bitcoin update... only thing that comes to mind is Segwit which was what? August 1st 2017? Still haven’t seen the block size increase we were promised.

Ethereum fees are relatively high. Some contracts cost well over $100 to transact in since lots of these new coins have poor code which require high computation to execute commands. I saw some guy screenshot his metamask recommending a 2.4 ETH transaction fee, ridiculous.

I’m telling you 100%, the only way hive price can moon up to $3 and more is if we onboard thousands upon thousands of users who bring money with them.

Another reason steem had gone up was because of voting bots. Bots created the demand for steem and sbd, but when the bots were removed no one had any reason to buy and send them coins so then all that buying pressure disappeared.

The community celebrated when the voting bots were cast out but the opportunities to speculate on the coin were crushed.

Now, we are in a highly illiquid market. $1,000,000 would push the price of hive or LEO extremely high, just look at the price of steem when just Dantheman and Justin Sun were buying up steem to battle it out. All it takes is one or 2 whales to hop in and lock up for us to move a few legs higher in price.

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The steemit whales mad a killing on that beasty market -

my acct was up to like $1200 - but it was all staked - i got one weeks worth powered down and got a little profit - but by the time the next week rolled around i missed the best part.

that's the draw back to POS markets - you gotta keep some of it liquid so you don't miss your chance - live and learn

and here i am again - all my hive is powered up - and all my leo is powered up

and i keep spending my hive earnings on stupid internet games LOL

i guess it keeps me out of trouble at least ;)

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Yup, that week long power down (I think it was longer at the time) is pretty much the death spiral lol I don't blame you on the games I do as well. I enjoy them and some of them seem like they do pretty well. I look at the games as a way to bring new people into the crypto they run off of and help build some demand.

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SBD is at 4$. It has been at about 2-3$ for a month now. Maybe we see the same thing as last time just with a larger windup :). I hope we get it here on Hive or at least LEO too, I dont speak Korean nor Chinese that well.

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Yeah that platforms annoying honestly lol its all Korean and Chinese and some new super mega whale earning like $300 per post

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I actually like the koreans. When I started on Steemit I made like a Korean Language class for myself and the koreans were really helpful, they upvoted me a lot, reviewed my progress and even built me small lessons I could learn with.
It was me who abandoned the project because korean is not an easy language just the letters are easy.

If exploring was made better on Steemit we might never had all this trouble but I wasnt really around when the Justin Sun Drama hit.

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Wow it is ! 3.400 USD right now.

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unlucky I dont have any SBD atm... Guess I will wait for the next spike in 4 years.

I must admit I kinda appreciate HIVE being so stable and stuck in a range, it makes it so much easier to trade between the various tokens, if it was also pumping up and down all that would do is make it harder to arbitrage gains between tokens and that to me kills the second layer experience

A very valid point. I'm surprised hives dollar coin has been doing relatively decently holding $1 not the best but not horrible like I've seen SBD. Which makes that a good token to do trading with as well. SBD is nearly $4 and it's suppose to be a stable coin at $1. I remember it blowing up to $13 last time we went through this so I'm sure we will be close to repeating that.

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I'm also pretty surprised, I do wish we had more trading pairs for HBD I think it's a very underutilised tool we have which would make trading here for more efficient and payment for goods and services.

I don't know if you saw this post on HBD loans and generating interest using the asset to encourage people to keep the token. It's ideas like this that I think would really make this place interesting to normal people who want to use and earn a few $ since fiat makes more sense to them

We need to consolidate hive UI into one single dapp. Like take peakd, we should also have peakd for android/IOS so newcomers don't get confused with how these all UI's work and do the same thing. The we need to market it as backed by hive so when people join that social media, they don't really have to know they are on blockchain and all this technical stuff. They ill learn it slowly over the course of time when the are here and looking around.

A consolidated dapp/UI like peakd and a good marketing can really help us onnboard a lot of users and start developing.....

Hive has a lot of goodies already. It doesn't lack the essential. It really needs a mobile app, or why not community mobile apps, ease of use for non blockchain users and a bit of marketing. Will get to $1 for sure.

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Personally I think that Leo will overcome Hive in many ways because as you say Leo is a network that is constantly being updated and kept up to date and this likes people and above all investors gives him more confidence and security so I think Leo will keep going and maybe it won't be worth just $13 if not maybe more.

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LeoNoob here, how do I earn LEO using LeoFinance.io ? Or is it just by staking LEO? Thanks

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Pretty much the same way as HIVE but its a token of the Hive network. If you're looking to buy LEO and stake it I would recommend Leodex.io that's LEOs own market. Stake coins give you weight for voting and earning curation rewards.

There are also Miners LEOMM and LEOM on the exchange Hive-engine.com which act as miners for the coin. Expect this to be a LONG term investment.

Oh wow so I could earn as much LEO as Hive if I had 2000 or 5000 HP, LEO has LP? I might consider accumulating more if that is the case. I have been around Steem/Hive since the beginning but LEO has always been on my radar since it has been around. The interface looks good and hivesigner worked the second time. LeoFinance is pretty good!

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I really hope so. So much downward selling pressure from token dumpers. You are either HIVE focused or a Steem lover. I feel that incorporating TRON, whether you like it or not, as a reward on Steem has given some legs to Steem. Hopefully HIVE will have a run. I have heard a lot of bullish sentiment around the place in the past few days.

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as long as the users continue to back hive and keep building projects, investing and generally using hive there is no reason why it shouldn't yes the value is low but one positive i can see if that hbd is much more stable than what sbd was its always hovering around the 1 dollar mark not at 50 cents like sbd was

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