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RE: The World Within 5 Years

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Epic! I can see Microsoft leading the way for sure. They have the capital to explore and tap into a vast market share as almost everything is run on a windows machine. I'm sure at first there will be limited use cases but even if they tap into one and successful.

This is exactly how things start out and become something massive in years times. It's expensive and buggy at first but with continued development, manufacturing and use cases costs will continue to come down.

Fully agree that gaming is going to be a massive entry point in this and kind of already has with VR head sets. It might not seem like much but there was a big push for VR games and expanding what is possible in order to connect people with each other through VR and it was all done with gaming. Telling you gaming is a MASSIVE business which is only going to keep expanding and dig some serious roots into crypto and blockchain. What we see now for crypto games with NFT card collecting will be expanded within a year or two to MMOs and ownership of assets on the blockchain.


The last stat I read was gaming has 2.1 BILLION users. That is almost half the internet traffic.

So tapping into that industry is huge for whatever does it. Hopefully we can see more of that on Hive.

I love what is happening in this arena. It is amazing to see the mixed reality possibilities.

Sci-Fi here we come.

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