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Tesla was ahead of the times but being out in front and first can often times cost you big in terms of $. Other companies will make you foot the bill to "figure it out" and once you do they spring into action. The space is about to become very competitive.

Tesla posted better then expected numbers which I found surprising and I wonder how much of it had to do with accepting bitcoin. I'd be curious to see the numbers on that if possible.

It's also interesting about buying "upgrades" when really the car is capable of already doing it. I'm sure it comes at an expense. What could be interesting is buying an software upgrade for the type of performance you want and perhaps triggering it at will. Less power long travels, performance short distance or off road etc. could all very well be possibilities if they don't already offer it. LIke you said though the profit margins on that plus other cool innovative features they can implement into the electronic car really is huge and can quickly turn your $30,000 car into a $45,000 expense just on upgrades and additions buying games, software etc through the cars dashboard.

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I dont think they started to accept Bitcoin as payment yet. Besides, anything that is paid in Bitcoin will be on the income statement as value at the time of the sale. The BTC that is held shows up on the balance sheet but that is not in the earnings until sold. They made over $100 million on the sale of their 10% stake during the quarter so that was in the earnings. It wont be a quarterly thing (unless they decide to keep selling their BTC).

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