City Growth For DCity Just In Time For Christmas

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Even with being offline for 5 days the city has still grown. If anything this might have helped me as I was able to stack and wait long enough to have enough SIM to start earning Hive just for holding it. Yet another of the many benefits to get started with this game.

The population and layout so far are looking very nice and I ended up picking up a number of new cards. Luckly I got hit with two more police stations which will help cut down on the crime however I did get yet another casino! That's now two casinos and a few weed farms. Things are starting to add up nicely now.

The next course of action will be when I return home after Christmas from visiting the family. This action will be a quick burst to 4,000 + Sim before hitting 2021 so we can hit the ground running. It's going to take a good bit of an investment but I did end up powering up a few more miners for LEO and things are looking on track there.

The only iffy party coming up is going to be crime rates. I'd like to have 0% however 6% is looking pretty nice and we will get there in time. The other part of this is tech. Now has a chance of 4% for me to unlock tech which seems to sell for a rather nice amount or keeping it for myself if I get a card I didn't have before.

Most of the cards I need now are upwards of 2,000+ sim and in some cases they don't even exist. I think once we hit 4,000 SIM daily I'm going to focus in on 25% research as I feel this is a nice investment to make for either selling or unlocking tech for the city. It should also mean better than 4,000 SIM per day when I can end up selling them off.

The one thing that does worry me about this game is the fact that your income in SIM that there really are no sinks. This almost makes me feel like this game needs constantly new people entering the game or a way to have more sinks to remove SIM that is earned each day from the game.

Perhaps this is something the developers are looking into next. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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Good Luck for 4k Sim Target.
Yes we need more sinks for SIM to get this game run for longterm.

Getting robbed is good when you ends up with a criminal as it sells off around 600 SIM in market. So Crime is useful 😂😂.

You can start accumulating universities for education. And try to grab a free education tech which doubles education of universities. This way yoy can easily make to 25% discovery chance.