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RE: The Jobs We Don't Get Paid For

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The Jobs We Don't Get Paid For

this is what i argue with banks all the time :) so now you want me to pay you for services that you did for me, but i will now do them for you and pay you X amount for it :D


oh you are so nice to send me account statements on my mail so i could spend time, paper and ink printing them. Thank you, if you would be nice to print them as you did till now and i will stop by few times a week for them?

i am partially kidding because i do understand that it all depends on where you live and what you do, and for a lot of people it is a great help.


You are right though. I had some arguments with the bank a couple of years back. They used to send printed statements monthly I believe or quarterly, can't remember exactly and charge people for that. All this in the times when there was already online banking available, so I could print my statement anytime but they didn't care. That's bank policy they said. Now they are not doing that anymore :)

Banks are strange and hard to fight with them :)

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