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RE: How much is the Phish?

in LeoFinance3 months ago

I am always amazed at the audacity of the scam. I guess the lesson is 'don't be subtle, you are only going to get the lowest hanging fruit only'.

You'd think that only a few months after such a notorious data breach wouldn't be enough time for people to get complacent again. Sigh.

I watched the video. I'm not quite sure how a pretty girl vs the worlds slowest motorcycles is germane to the topic at hand, but I'll take it. Sorta. Pretty girls make up for a lot of technical deficiencies. Maybe they ought to get pretty girls into the phishing mix?


Subtle requires too much work - the bad spelling and form of Nigerian prince scams is that way on purpose, as it filters the replies. Most people will see it as a scam in an instant, but it is those few who don't that they are after. They don't have time to spend hours trying to convince someone, they need them already bought in.

Did Scooter never make it to the states? :D

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