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RE: Hivin' la vida LEO

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Those pesky ducks just can't seem to stay in line. :)

I hate to admit this, but I have darn near 1000 LEO staked and have never even visited the place. I might be missing out a little, huh?

It's the name you see. Leo finance. What do I know about finance. I'm way more likely to know something about the STEM community...


Early on I took a position that I wanted to add some liquidity, so staked most and sold some. I don't have that much, but enough to play with :) You might want to look at it now though :)

Stay tuned for STEM - I would say that there is room for movement there too.


At $25 Leo, they are worth $25,000. That is couple of long trips for you across the country. Just don't loose your key! ;)

No worries. My Connie has a proximity key.

Ohhhh. You are talking about the LEO key.

I join you in the finance noob division Sir Tom @bigtom13
Years ago when they renamed money as finances I lost the track and nowadays they are talking about fiat, so I don't know what an Italian car has to do with finances 🤣

Ps. Maybe they use the Fiat to cart the sparse finances (nowadays) around lol.

Maybe it's called Fiat because reverse is where 2nd gear ought to be?

Hahaha, yes man.
And then they talk about stake. Now I have seen a few wooden stakes in my time on the farm and I have even been on a stake out at a local drug house, but if one combines all of these new terms, I think a good post can be done lol.

Something like; A guy drove to draw some finances from a machine and mistakenly put his Fiat in reverse. A stake punctured his wheel and he powereddown the motor to investigate the break point.

Ahahahahahaha. I believe you are on to something. He couldn't find his spare and his windows fogged up so he turned on the DeFi. All in all he felt fortunate to have not hit the tipping point while trying to drive home on 3 wheels.

Hahaha, a great answer and you see what I meant about a post that others can add to with @crypto language?