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A Pennsylvania oil well in 1859 fueled kerosene lamps. A 1901 gusher in Texas would fuel autos.

And trains and boats. It really was a huge change in life and lifestyle. The next 41 years would see better and better fuel refined to allow for increased performance that included being light enough with power enough for flight.

The next 41 years would be the search for new materials available in the refined out parts such as plastic. Probably more valuable than the fuel at this point.

Web 3.0 will go much faster, of course. I can't help but wonder what the consequences and products that we can't even imagine will be.

Elon is busy. :) He announced a $100 deposit on starlink service today. The $100 dollars does not guarantee service, but in the Northern Hemisphere it probably won't be long. $500 buys the dish and modem and then the price is $100 per month. Once the cash flow is regular and regulated he will spin it off and take it public. He expects it to be a $300 Billion per year business one day, that will out perform the parent SpaceX. Making them much the largest ISP on earth. That is based on a mere 30 million customers.

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Things are going to move very rapidly in many directions simultaneously - I am not sure who is going to be able to keep up, but it won't be governments. Web 3.0 and all the companies that will leverage it is going to move rapidly, especially once they work out how to tokenize driving a Tesla. We can do that already though ;)

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