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Homeless being relative, of course. There is "We have lost everything and are now living in the cardboard RV under a bridge" and 'We are staying with my parents for 3 days while we have a major renovation done on our house'. Huge difference.

We are approaching a tipping point with electric cars and solar (and wind) power. Here in the Southwest where power is relatively expensive (as opposed to the Northwest) and sunshine is incredibly abundant Solar power is very close to 'same cost' for addition.

Battery technology is moving at breakneck pace right now. Changes in basic chemistry and materials used is bringing price and environmental costs down on a steep curve. Legitimate 400 mile single charge cars exist now and the price is dropping.

Is Hive keeping pace? When viewed through that lens I think the answer is clearly yes. We are not to the point of minimum viable audience, but we seem to gain a little net every day. Activity is clearly down (I blame price which is a dumb thing) when viewed as posts, but individuals seem to be staying active with commenting and engaging. There is clearly more here than price OR activity will adequately measure. Minimum viable audience rears it's head.

Early adopter cost is an interesting concept. It's always there, but often it isn't particularly money driven.


Definitely a huge difference - we aren't homeless - we are displaced for a couple days :)

I think we are getting to the tipping point for those too - there is enough gravity now that they will attract new users and therefore investment. A clean source of energy is hopefully not too far away. The combination of energy supply and increasing automation will mean we might have a lot of energy and time on our hands - what will we do with it?

At some point, there will be enough gravity here too and thinking that with that energy, time and the need to find something to do - we might be very well placed - especially in these early days where there is still the need for earnings - even trickle revenue streams will be valuable.

Ohhhh boy. I can speak some to the effect of a trickle stream stopping suddenly and unexpectedly. It made me tighten up my financial world :)

About your photograph. At first glance, I saw the background as primary. I looked carefully at the photo and now that I know what it is I can't unsee it. I think maybe Hive might be like that. I just don't think we have enough users that have seen what it really is yet.

It is a funny picture, isn't it? The shadows give it a 3D effect too :)

Oh, and I agree - not enough people see what is really going on here. When they do...