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RE: Beware of this Scammers : Scam going on Hive right now

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One of the most obvious scams I've ever seen. I hope plebs don't fall for this crap

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I'm a n00bie and it reads as an obvious scam. But still, unless you're clicking an .exe how would going to a site take over your account? If it could be done that easily then the accounts aren't particularly safe. And wouldn't it be better for the scammers to put in a keylogger and go after your bank accounts?

I'm assuming the user went to the site; went through a "credentialing" process to get the coin, and in so doing, gave up his wallet info.

Yeah, i think they tricked the user to pass on the account keys and that how they gained the access.
We all need to know the importance of these keys and purpose of different keys. Some can be shared and others should not be.

Yeah, this is an obvious one but still new users fall prey to these scammers.

We need to educate the community.

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