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RE: A World Within The World

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Other than in academia, degrees hold almost zero value in the society. People are interested n what you offer and not what diploma you have.

Anyway, I'm still in some level of shock due to how much value actually came out of this game. If someone told me that in 2021, I'd have some NFTs in my possession worth a couple thousand dollars, I'd have scoffed. In fact, if someone told me that simply liking a post would earn me my source of livelihood, I'd have scoffed.

The world is constantly evolving and right now, I feel like blockchain is the catalyst of the evolution. Also, we're still in the fledgling stage of the evolution, so there's just so much more to come.


"Other than in academia, degrees hold almost zero value in the society."

I completely disagree with this point of view. How exactly are doctors, physicists, technicians, accountants, etc. going to perform without having vast background knowledge of their field? This is not even a question, academic knowledge provides thousands of percent value in societies.

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True. We've only seen the early stages.

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