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RE: Why not buy $5-$10 of each Hive based token?

in LeoFinance3 months ago

Leo was it for me. I got leo at super cheap rate and now, I'm always in the green. I've reinvested a lot of my Leo earning on other tokens. Spreading the value around.

I'm earning more from curating hive-engine coins than I earn from Hive curation


really! I haven't played around much yet...I bought lots of Lotus because I have lots of friends there and want to give them something extra with my votes and cause I hope that community grows. Bought a bunch of STEM cause they have a strong community and while it's not really my cup of tea, I want them to grow. I got some WEED cause I think that's a fun niche to have at Hive even though I don't really read those posts, I like a lot of those people. And I got some BRO cause they give you other coins. Any other I should check out? I am looking for communities that are doing the best to grow so I could help push them along a little bit.

I was too late to LEO. It's my biggest holding still but I missed the big pump.