I finally got an efficient work laptop

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Ladies and gentlemen welcome the new addition to my family and one that will be with me for the next five years at least. I added this bad boy to my work department during my trip to Lagos and I'm excited about using it for productive stuff.

My new laptop is a sleek Dell Latitude 7370. It has a 13.3-inch full-screen display,less than an inch thick bezel, and keyboard lights that enable typing in the dark.


I focused on efficiency

I got the laptop for 180, 000 Naira, which translates to roughly $285 range, and judging by what I heard from other people, it was a good deal. It is a 2016 laptop, and I suspect it was refurbished but with original manufacturer parts, meaning it still feels kinda new.

At full charge, I'm sure of at least 7 hours of use from the Lithium internal battery. To charge the battery, you use a type c USB fast-charge port, the same one used in phones, meaning that I can also simply charge the laptop with a power bank during an emergency.

Compared to my previous laptop that had 500GB HDD, this one boots a lot faster, thanks to the 256GB SSD. I did a count and it was about 20 seconds to get to the point where I can use it for proper work. My previous laptop would take anywhere between 2-4 frustrating minutes.


It also comes with a fairly decent processor with 1.5GHz output and a 6th generation Core m7 processor, to improve my user experience.

It feels like an upgrade

I've wanted to upgrade my laptop for a while but I get sentimental about things like this. I decided to tarry with that stressful ass system for a bit longer than I should and while it served me, it also cost me.

The system is slow and drains a lot of power because it is very bulky. While having NVIDIA graphics, the previous system was a 2nd generation corei5, so it wasn't anything special.

Despite all that, it served me to the best of its abilities and helped me throughout my Masters program.

This laptop will be dedicated to working, so I won't fill it up with unnecessary files and information. No watching movies, games, and all that crap.

Dedicated to work

This laptop is going to be dedicated to working and will cover all the shortcomings that my previous laptop had. I can be more productive and stay online for longer hours without missing out on too much.

My holiday ends on the 19th of April but I'm addicted to work and still take on jobs for my recurrent clients. I'm still new in the freelancing game, and so I can't be picky. I'm learning to delegate work to others and grow my circle, at the same time, empower other writers.

All the same, I put in my best effort and produce results that will make clients happy. That is what a victory smells like to me and this laptop is going to help me achieve that victory.

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Enjoy with it

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Be careful with keeping your crypto wallets on a company PC. You never know in which type of troubles you might get...

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Thanks man but I work for myself, so I'm safe

Congratz buddy :D

Thanks man.

Nice laptop. Good luck with it. I spent a nice chunk of my night researching new desktops. I definitely need an upgrade too!

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Bro, I feel really good about myself right now. The laptop gives me everything I want and then some. You just have to think about what you want from the desktop and focus on that.

I got a nine deal for a system that's even higher than mine but didn't take it because it felt like overkill.

Well..,ensure it brings you more money for more upgrades...a GPU will be nice on you...when I’m financially ready to get myself a pc, I’m going to build it...

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Wetin you wan mine?

Many nice pow cryptos still dey wey dey alright although the info i have about the few i know might have been out dated so i go gats do new research when time reach. Koinos dey do pow mining now....i think.....plus gaming😁

I no too send gaming like that again. If game hungry me, I go just buy PlayStation.

Check the coins well guy, if opportunities dey, I go sell my prick take buy GPU

Weyrey dey disguise...


I'm a fan of Dell, quality product and not overly flashy like a Mac. Hope it serves you well

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Thanks mate. It's just perfect for me. Small,portable and gets the job done.

Sounds like a good buy. I want to upgrade as well but I am looking at something within 350k with GPU. But that can wait, for now, I have more pressing issues, plus my current laptop isn't totally bad.

Yeah saw it man. That's a proper work system as well. I'm guessing you also want to go into mining PoW coins?

I'm guessing you also want to go into mining PoW coins?

Yes ooo bro. Dem no dey forbid extra money

At all. When you go wan buy new system?

Next half if the year maybe. Right now I won work on my building project

Na for lagos you go buy the computer or are you going to use ebay?

Lol na for lagos ooo....i no get strength cry premium tears

Be like I go follow you do the movement then

This is the beast in all its glory! ;)

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She's a beauty

Enjoy using it!
I have great battery life with mine as well. Previously I had one that I bought in 2016 with roughly $400 but as soon as it was out of warranty it got broken.

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That sucks, how long was the warranty period and after yu fixed it, did it still serve you?

Congrats mate.
Been looking to get one too for a while now.....
The absence of a laptop has really messed with my productivity with writing.
Hoping to get one by the end of this month.

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Nice one bro, I got my system this last Monday but 7470. Mine is 210k with a 14inch screen display. My battery life is about 6-7 hrs. I just wish mine has the type c usb port like yours. It would have been great. Here is my processor below.


Ah yes but you still have a very efficient beast of a laptop. I saw it in computer village but opted for this lighter model because of the size. I wanted something compact

Yeah, I understand.. I love the 13 inch screen also. Well 14 inch is great too. But anything 15 inch plus, too big.