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With so much activity going on in the blockchain, I try to keep up with as many projects as I can by throwing my weight behind different cool projects. Here's my final report of the year about projects on Hive that I'm invested in.



I started the year with the intention of staking 5k Leo but as the price of the token pumped hard in a short period of time, that dream disappeared but at least I made a lot of money in the process.

The goal of staking 5k Leo before the end of the year might have died but the staking still continues, and I've been able to accumulate 2508 Leo so far. Buying Leo is out of my pay grade for now, but I decided to put my Hive to work by delegating Hive Power to @leo.voter and earn roughly 0.4 Leo daily. All that will contribute to my Leo dream


After I heard about STEM, I started buying up the token at around 0.1Hive per token. I accumulated a reasonable amount before it pumped aggressively and while that was exciting, I wanted to stick around for the long term to support content in those fields, so I didn't sell.

My main motivation was getting my dad active on STEMGeeks but after getting him to create an account, I haven't been able to make him active in the community. He has a lot of content about the environment, and wisdom that he could share if he decides to.

The main stumbling block is his laptop but I suspect that coming to terms with cryptocurrency and blockchain application in blogging/writing articles is something that will take some time for him to adjust to. For now, I've just been curating aggressively, and I've grown my STEM stake to 7682 tokens.

Sports Token

I have a keen interest in football, and so getting this token was a no brainer. It was yet another project that saw a tiny boom after I bought in and then priced me out of the reckoning.

I stopped buying the token and focused on earning and then staking from posts. I have accumulated 1.52 million tokens and counting. I will just keep accumulating them until I'm satisfied with my vote value.


This token is a personal favourite of mine because it is the main token of the front-end for Splinterlands posts. I play Splinterlands a lot, so it is only natural I get the token.

However, my main reason I planned to accumulate 1million tokens this year and for accumulating roughly 210,000 tokens so far was because I hoped that it would be added to the game and have some utility. My thoughts were that it would be used to buy potions or even packs, but nothing official has been said about it.


To be completely honest, I bought this token because I thought the name of the project was cool. I mean, "The City of Neoxian" just sounds too damn cool to ignore. Also, the project is kind of popular around here, so that's why I got a few tokens and just curated with my alternate account. So far so good, I have approximately 32k Neoxian staked.


I think PAL was among the earlier Hive-engine front-end tokens to be printed. I don't know what they're about but they again, they have a cool name, so I got me a tiny stake of 3701 tokens for curation.

So far so good

I haven't met any of my targets in all the front-ends but it is not for the want of trying. Every time I start going hard on a project at a price that I think is reasonable, it mysteriously pumps and makes me a bit of money.

I can't complain about getting a bit of extra money from my stakes because, well, I like money. However, with Hive-engine front-ends, it is more about the growth of the platform.

The first three tokens I mentioned are front-ends that I could say I'm unhealthily emotionally attached to. That's very bad for business, but it also ensures that I'll hold for the longest time. 2020 was kind of productive, all things being equal, and hopefully, 2021 will be even better.

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Yiu are doing well with second layer tokens...
Some of them are in my list too.. i.e. leo, spt,sports
I like the STEM but not very active in this community...
I have noticed and enjyed good sports upvote from your account ...

Glad I support your posts. My stake in Stem is growing, slowly and I keep staking more

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Keep it going. Second layer tokens are gonna make us Rich.


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