Cryptocurrencies mechanisms explained through simple math rather than descriptive stories | LEO Linear curation

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There is a lot of financial information to read or listen on Leo Finance and an opportunity to get some insight or clear image of an opportunity. But one thing that I've observed is that everything tends to be descriptive and transformed as a story (sometimes a sleeping one) instead of getting out there an information that anyone can use. And I am referring to real world examples and what something might mean in terms of financial calculations.


Probably @nealmcspadden knows what I am talking about with all his spreadsheets and formulas behind those and sometimes that is the kind of information this community needs. Sometimes you don't need three pages long post that runs around the circles and states one thing over and over again and we just need something simple to understand and see how that affects our financial.

And I must say that much was written about the linear curation curve, but I have yet to see a simple math example of it. Things need to be descriptive to be understood, but some simple math can give you that more easier. So let's see what linear curation curve means in some simple math.

User A has a LEO Voting Power of 1 LEO.
User A reads a post on LEO Finance and decides to up-vote 100%. This will translate into:
- 0.50 LEO goes to the Author
- 0.50 LEO goes back to the Curator (User A in this case)

This is basic math and clear enough for everybody to understand that based on each user LEO Voting Power 50% from it will go to the Author and 50% will get back to him as a mean of curation. There isn't anymore a dynamic allocation based on the time anyone votes (a thing that was exploited by bots), but it will always stay the same at 50%.

Sometimes simple math can clarify a mechanism used in the cryptocurrencies world and instead of trying to describe it we need to keep it simple. This way everything can become clear for everybody and have the knowledge of understanding the things easier.

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This linear curation is super easy to understand. Which was not at all before (and still is on Hive) when you have to find the optimal time somewhere in the small 2-4 minutes window. Voting with bot on the first 15 seconds (on Hive) can bring you in front of most whales, but rewards can be spoiled completely by the "to early" penalty. No fun. No joy. Just a pain in the a*s.

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You are right on that, the bots optimizations for time voting disappeared with this. I feel that we need more math like posts to translate such changes into example and the same some tutorial like flows like Liquidity Pools on Uniswap.

I am still to fully understand that as for example I hold some Ethereum on an exchange and is not clear for me what are the steps to put those i a Liquidity Pool. Can I use those from there, I need to transfer them and so forth...

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Hehehe... You are right... Why would we complicate things, if they can be easy? I like the LEO linear curve and it works!

Recent days have made a big leap in my online journey! Using LeoFinance interface and talking about my experiences have brought me a lot of LEO! Continuing on - persistently!

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