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And decentralization is a very big part of it, as the video bloggers on Dlive have learned, now only Gamer Videos will be allowed because of two US Lawmakers. I read that in a story on coindesk site a little while ago.

The only real place for freedom of speech in the future may well be the decentralized block chains.


oh, that is a pretty big piece of news!!

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I hope 3speak is able to get their IPFS off the ground and running, otherwise it is not looking good for video makers when it comes to presenting their version of the news.

Yes. But, it is going to get interesting when there is direct value behind being a real journalist - how long until other journalists freeleance?

I think that is part of the issue with main stream media and news organizations, they are learning that people have alternative place to not only get news but that real journalist are beginning to see and understand they have alternatives places to present the News they uncover.